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Command Structure

  • Scenario details/camping dates, carpools - Get with the HHN CAPTAIN listed corresponding with the event you are interested in.
  • Team equipment, such as Jerseys, Markers, and Sponsored items, etc. Contact your local HHN CAPTAIN
Artist: Artist Matt Synowicz’s Metal Gear Solid drawings 

Recommended Gear A-Z for Paintball Scenario, Big Game / Viper Scenario

HHN recommends every player come prepaird for the scenario, plan ahead, plan ahead, plan ahead. 
1.  Call the captain,
If you haven't already, contact the Captain listed for the event, they will align you with the squad you will be running with. Each player will be responsible to attend and be ready for actions with their squad. If solo play is desired, please communicate that and your squad position can be replaced.
2. Purchase your ticket, 
*early bird tickets will save you money and helps the team plan everything from space for your vehicle to park near the campsite to game-play and team rewards."
Choosing Side: ("info from captain")
Team: Head Hunter Nation, or Head Hunter Nation Paintball is both OK
Listed below are a few of the "BASICS," and also Recommended Items to enhance your experience.
Camping: tent(waterproof), sleeping bag, cold weather garments(gets cold at night when you least expect it and rain), Toothbrush, deodorant, toilet paper, + $(to pitch in for the camp porto-can). If at all possible, arrive the day before the event and camp with the team, chrono and do the field medical release early. 
Food/drink? it's great to bring, but often you can purchase from the paintball park these things if you can't travel with a cooler.
*hydration is probably the most important safety precaution you'll hear the old timers go on and on about. If a camp cook is assigned to our group there may be an option to purchase meal tickets in advance(ultra rare), check with your HHN Captain.
(get with your local HHN captain for #teamdiscounts #worthit)
All scenario games encourage costumes, not a requirement. Many HHN players will simply wear the HHN gear, while new members and prospects may wear whatever they have available.
Most scenario games have "special characters," requires to dress the part and fulfill unique tasks during the game. Tell the captain about your interest, they can help you get in contact with the game creator to possibly make it happen. 
  • TEAM JERSEY - red or camo, it has some added padding and is breathable, with your player name and #, highly recommended
2-way radio - any of the Baofeng models will communicate with the team ($14-$100) through Amazon.
*caution, the version BF-888S has no keypad and has to be programmed via CPU
PAINTBALL GEAR: mask, marker, hopper, air, and other protective equipment is available to rent from the park if a player does not own or is not equipped.
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