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  • Scenario details/camping dates, carpools - Get with the HHN CAPTAIN listed corresponding with the event you are interested in.
  • Team equipment, such as Jerseys, Markers, and Sponsored items, etc. Contact your local HHN CAPTAIN listed on the Roster

Command Structure


LOADOUT: Shocker RSX, Pinokio hopper


FAV GEAR “My war sensor vest because I can carry 16 pods of paint on the field.”


GAMESTYLE: "I like scenario and Ultimate Woods League, because, you get the thrill of competitive paintball and it is not as fast.”


2013+ Head Hunter Nation

2004-2012 Captain Texas Roughnecks
2010 UWL Captain Texas Roughnecks

Kentucky Chapter Captain

Shane "Nitestalker" Butler

LOADOUT: Machine Vapor/ Spire


FAV GEAR: dye assault pack (11 pods of come at me bro)


GAMESTYLE: I like scenario cause it makes you analyze your surroundings and decide how best to assault your objective. I like speedball cause sometimes you just need to sling paintWhat makes it interesting?

Louisiana Chapter Captain

Jason Odom


TX E Captain

Troy "Turtle" Stegall #LXVI

LOADOUT:  shocker rsx with a dye rotor and a ninja 68/4500

FAV GEAR: “my jersey, I got it from psp Dallas. It’s the first one I've owned. “


GAMESTYLE: "I play all because I love the sport."

TX W Regional Captain

LOADOUT: Planet Eclipse Geo, Pinokio Speed,


FAV GEAR: "my Camelbak!  I get thirsty.  I'll play with whatever."


GAMESTYLE: I like playing scenario because it's a little bit of everything.  Woodsball, speedball, whatever.  A scenario field gives me more room to pull off sneaky maneuvers like flanking and lying in wait for the proper target.  Both are vital to what I like to do most, which is run missions.  I'm very goal-oriented.  And I pretty much always run as a Medic.  Only scenario lets me do that.


TX SE Speedball Captain

Michael "Mickey" Gutierrez #4

LOADOUT: Pink Macdev Clone GTI with a red and black SPIRE and red 68/4500 Ninja SL


FAV GEAR: “My patriotic grillz”

TX SE Scenario Captain

Lawrence M. “Shinobi” Davis Jr., #96.

APPA# 143497

LOADOUT: Tippman Project Salvo, Cyclone Feed, Sly Barrel. And A Mini GS, Scion loader, Sly Barrel. Ninja Air Tank.


FAV GEAR: Valken VTac 4x7 harness. Love it because I pack in extra pods for serious firefights, or just camping out in a hidden spot for sniper.

GAMESTYLE: Scenarios, then woodsball. Scenario is more of endurance style of play which fits my prior sports and personal preferences.

TX SE Mag-Fed

Mike "Devil Dog" Gutierrez #911

APPA# 145301





TX W San Antonio

Brady "l33t" Cobb #3.14

LOADOUT: CS1, nina 77ci 4500, HK hopper, Dye Mask, Dye Assault pod pack;


FAV GEAR: my CS1 because it always works and has yet to let me down. I also really like playing in cleats for some reason.


GAMESTYLE: I started out favoring speedball but I have joined the dark side and can now say hands down woodsball and scenario are my favorite. I love sneaking through the woods at night, flanking people, and that feeling you get when you completely catch someone off guard because you snuck around the entire map only to end up at their HQ.

TX STATE Scenario Captain

Michael Boyer


TX N Speedball Captain

Tyler Ahrens


TX C - Woodsball/ UWL Captain


TX C - Waco Captain

Jordan Gassaway

APPA# 121114

LOADOUT: 07 ego dye pants.

GAME STYLE: Scenario / speed ball

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